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One Stop Service

The objective of one stop service is to cater quick service to the people within the stipulated time according to citizen charter through extending BSTI's activities to the concerned producers, importers and distributors of various products/items that needs to undergo testing for issuing CM licence. As such BSTI has started One Stop Service as part of fulfilling its commitment for rendering better service to the people. It also facilitates the services of calibration of instrument/apparatus.
The following services/information are provided from the one stop service:

Procedures & time length for testing of samples.
Fees for sample testing
Assurance of receiving sample testing report within the specified time.
Procedures for obtaining CM license & time length
Marking fees for CM license

Receiving application relating to weights & measures.
Procedures for calibrating an instrument/apparatus & time length
Fees for calibration
Dissemination of information/documentation
Distribution test/calibration reports.
To provide special service to SMEs and female entrepreneur and to those seeking voluntary

To bring transparency through the media cell.

** For more details plese contact with one stop service.

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